I began my fitness journey after a difficult time in my life, a divorce. A good friend of mine suggested I workout and within 8 months, I had gone from a 6'2", frail, 155 pound man with low self-esteem to a strong, fit 200 pound person feeling good about himself with a new, positive outlook on life. My passion for fitness and personal fitness success led me to receive my personal training certification in 1996 so that I could help others feel better, look better and be better!  The fitness lifestyle at times is not an easy one. It requires dedication, motivation, and the desire to improve yourself. It takes time, patience and persistence. I've always said, if it were easy, everybody would look amazing! I've had the pleasure of personally helping hundreds of people over my 18 year career achieve their fitness goals through resistance training, proper nutrition and a positive state of mind. Whether you're wanting to lose weight, tone up or generally feel better, I can help! I offer unique mobile, Skype and online personal training services designed to help you in the location of your choice. Working out at home is an excellent alternative to training at a gym. You'll save time and money by training at home or online with me, and I know both are extremely important. I'm efficient and punctual, please read my client's testimonials to see what they have to say in their own words. I take great pride in helping people and will guide you through your fitness journey. 

I look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals fast, fun and effectively!

Stay Fit!

A.J. Jackson

Certified Personal Trainer